Examination System


  1. The HSSLC Course of study for each academic year shall be divided into three parts: Mid-term, Selection, Final examination. Moreover, internal assessment which 10 marks, is compulasry for every student, and will be added to Mid-term selection and final examination.
  2. Mid-term, selection, final examination will be of 90 marks.
  3. Students found to be adopting unfair means in any Examinations, his/her marks in all subjects in that particular Examination will be cancelled. Moreover, any student expelled form the HSSLC examination is by the very fact, expelled from this college too. 
  4. A student, who fails to appear in any paper in selection Examination due to illness etc., cannot put up his/her case for consideration. However, her/his Mid-term will be referred to if the matter is considered to be genuine duly supported by a Medical treatment documents/proof.



  1. The Three Years Degree Course has been divided into Six Semesters. Each semester is of six months duration. All the end semesters examinations are conducted by the University.
  2. No students shall be allowed to claim for re-evaluation in any internal assessments/exam. 
  3. The performance of student shall be evaluated on a 30:70 basis i.e., 30 Marks Class Test ( i. Test, ii. Assignments, iii. Case Studies/Classroom Discussions/ Project, iv. Cocurricular Activities/Attendance) for internal Assessment and 70 Marks for End-Semester Examination.
  4. A students shall have to secure a minimum of 45% Marks (14 Marks) in the Internal Assessment, and 45% Marks in the End-Semester Examinations in Theory papers.