Vision and Mission


The Vision of Sakus Mission College is to empower the student community through value-based education. The College is devoted in promoting quality education of learning and sustaining an intellectual culture which cultivates in students a holistic personality. The motto of the college, Learn for Excellence underlies all our endeavours.



The mission of the College is to promote into an institution of excellence, which will serve the rural youth by providing them with easy access to higher education and job opportunities. The College exists to train men and women in every aspect of life, both human and non-human. The College seriously considers the emerging context of a pluriform society and thus the mission of the College is to embody an ethic of gentleness, love and sharing of knowledge irrespective of race, caste, creed, gender etc.


Our Objectives:

  1. To emerge as a centre of academic excellence and research.
  2. To serve the social needs and to uplift the living standards of the youths by imparting higher education, enabling every student employable through holistic education and development of right skills.
  3. Providing value based education system to the poorer sections of the society who is not able to afford costly education outside the state.
  4. Building quality human resource through progressive capacity building that will serve the foundation for the holistic development of the state.
  5. Facilitating the students to critically analyze and evaluate the existing realities of our community and society.
  6. Creating a healthy and congenial environment and inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogues to achieve greater impact at regional, national and global levels.
  7. Complementing the state in terms of social engineering by developing manpower who are spiritual and helping the people in inculcating a sense of dedication and sacrifices through meaningful contributions.
  8. Spreading the message of truthfulness and oneness of the human race through equality in education.
  9. The pursuit of imparting quality and value based education to equip the young to address the growing unemployment concerns and to invocate and nurture them constructively.
  10. Learning with clear goal oriented concept of higher education for an unprecedented change through a paradigm shift from teacher centric education to learner centric education by moving from generic model of education to a learner centered model of education.
  11. Motivating and nurturing their areas of strength and abilities to move with confidence and to effectively confront the social and economic realities concerning the hiatus between the rich and the poor that is getting wider.
  12. To actively respond to the momentous issues of our society and socio-political environment of the world.
  13. To inculcate a sense of national spirit and respect for our culture among our students and society at large.