‘Candle light service’ for Pulwama Terror attack

To show solidarity in support against the barbaric terror attack in Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir on 14th of February 2019, the Student Christian Movement of India  of North East Zone-II, along with the SCMI   unit  of Sakus Mission college and Hostellers  organised a  ‘candle light service’ at Sakus Mission College, Dimapur  .

The short programme was chaired by Ms.  Konglenshe and the invocation was done by Mr. Vito. Programme Secretary of North East Zone-ll. Ms. Tolly Yeptho briefed about the prayer fellowship and introduced the guest speaker of the event.

 Mr. Shitovi Sumi (NCCI Co-ordinator) shared on the importance of peace in the land, and encouraged the young people to come forward towards building solidarity and rise against such inhuman acts. He further analysed the whole scenario from 3 perspectives I.e.  ‘TAR’, which means to have Transparency, Accountability and Responsibility. With this note, he stimulated the youth to become responsible citizens.  The service ended with lighting of candles, and a special prayer for the bereaved families and for humanity by Mr. Tokato Yeptho, (P.A to E.S. WSBAK). Altogether around 60 members attended the programme.