Field trip- 2019

Department of Education, Sakus Mission college, Landmark colony, Dimapur,  organised a Field trip  for the honours students to Zoological park Dimapur under the theme  ‘Prioritising the importance of Flora and Fauna and Human co-existence ‘ on 23rd of March 2019.

The central  aim of the trip was to spread awareness and to promote conscious efforts towards synthesizing all living organisms,  to identify the vital role played by flora and fauna as the main lifeline for human survival, and also to recognise the protection and conservation of wildlife as the priority.  These kind of exposures enhance the creativity and develops aesthetic values among the young generation which is the need  of the hour. Miss . Limanaro, HoD, Dept.  of Education, further mentioned that  a short programme was also conducted  specifically for the  outgoing students of Dept. of Education, SMC 2019 batch,   for their  brighter prospects in life.  On the whole, one day field trip was a memorable and an enriching experience for all. Altogether  18 students  and 2 faculty   members  had attended the said field trip successfully.