SCMI International Exchange Programme Germany from 10th to 24rd of June 2019

The Student Christian Movement of India attended an international cultural exchange programme between SCMI members of India and Germany. The main objective of the event was to get acquainted with the cultural diversity of one another. The convention was hosted at various venues at Germany. Altogether 12 students and 2 faculty members of SCMI  represented India, and 11 students and 2 faculty members participated from Germany.

Presentation and seminars were part of the activities. Miss. Jerina Yeptho , a member of SCMI of Sakus Mission College India,  also participated in the presentation on the topic ‘ The geographic of India, dance , festival and  political affairs’.

The first five days event from 10th to 15th of June  was conducted at Bonn Germany, where various  activities like – Walk & Talk in Botanical Garden, morning devotion, City rally, Family hours visits,  Indian evening , Boat ride & hiking were  organised, Also  Cologne cathedral was visited.

From 16th to 20th of June, various historical buildings & places were visited at Berlin -like Berlin city tower, Berlin wall, Bread for the world, Memorial for Jews, German Parliament, Town Hall, Television tower, Humboldt University, Orchestra & entertainment venues .

Cologne Cathedral
Botanical Garden
German Parliament
It culminated with an intensive   International event at Dortmund from 21st to 24rd of June , where Kirchentag, a church Convention from across  the world was held in Dortmund, under the 2019  theme  as “ What confidence is this” . Highlights of the programmes  comprise of Market opportunities, Bible studies, Worship, Daytime prayer concerts , International conference panels of discussion based on migration , Climate Change, Women rights etc.. were the core topics of discussions.  On the whole, Ms. Jerina Yepto remarked with excitement that, the entire 15 day  long intellectual exchange programme was an unforgettable, enriching experience.